Step 1

Get your OpenVPN credentials and CA certificate.
How to get the OpenVPN credentials and CA certificate:
  • Ask your GoodAccess admin to provide you with your OpenVPN credentials and CA certificate.
  • Or become a GoodAccess admin by activating your own team.

Step 2

Open and install the Certificate
  • Store location - Local machine
  • Place all certificates in the following store - Trusted Root Certification Authorities

Step 3

Open VPN Settings and continue with Add a VPN Connection.

Step 4

Enter the required credentials:
  • Connection name - it is up to you
  • Server name - Host name of your Gateway (GoodAccess Control panel -> Gateway)
  • VPN type - IKEv2
  • Type of sign-in info - User name and password
  • User name - VPN user name
  • Password - VPN password

Step 5

Click on Connect.
Congratulations! Now you are connected to GoodAccess and can securely access your protected systems.