Access Cards

Access Cards allow you to easily define access privileges to your Systems and Clouds & Branches.

This feature is available in the Premium plan and higher.

Access Cards allow administrators to create customized access profiles tailored to the specific needs of different user groups within your organization. Each Access Card can be configured to grant access to specific Systems and Clouds & Branches based on the roles and responsibilities of individual members (e.g. developers can only access the SSH server, and marketing can only access the online store administration).

By default, Access Cards are disabled and all Members have access to all the defined Systems.

To enable Access Cards, you must create at least one Access Card. No Member will then be able to access any Systems unless they have an Access Card that authorizes them to do so.

Configuration guide

Step 1 - Creating an Access Card

Log in to the GoodAccess Control Panel, and go to Access Control > Access Cards.

Click + Add Access Card.

Give your Access Card a name (e.g. Developers, Marketing, Sales, etc.), and click Create Access Card.

Step 2 - Setting up an Access Card

Use the Edit button on an Access Card to assign it to Members, add Systems or Clouds & Branches. This creates an Access Control rule that determines who can access what.

Click Save to save changes and apply the rule. The rule will automatically apply to all your active Gateways.

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