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This guide will show you how to whitelist your GoodAccess IP address in Magento.
  • Ensure that you are running the latest version of the Fastly CDN module for Magento 2. See Upgrade the Fastly Module.
  • Verify the environment configuration for the Fastly service. See Test Fastly caching.
  • You must have Admin credentials to access the Magento Cloud Staging and Production environments.
  • You will also need a list of client IP addresses to include on the allow list

Step 1

Login to the Magento Admin interface, click Stores > Settings > Configuration > Advanced > System.

Step 2

Expand Full Page Cache > Fastly Configuration > Edge ACL.

Step 3

Create the ACL container:
  • Click Add ACL.
  • On the ACL Container page, enter a ACL nameallowlist.
  • Select Activate after the change to make your changes to the version of the Fastly service configuration that you are editing.
  • Click Upload to attach the ACL to your Fastly service configuration.

Step 4

Add the list of IP addresses allowed to access the Magento Admin UI:
  • Click the Settings icon for the allowlist ACL.
  • Add and save the IP Value for each client IP address.
  • Click Cancel to return to the system configuration page.

Step 5

Click Save Config.
Refresh the cache according to the notification at the top of the page.