In this section you will find Frequently Asked Questions and answers related to the technical aspects of GoodAccess.

If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us.

What is a Team Name?

Team Name is a unique identifier for a group of users (employees) who share access to the same resources and have common settings, policies, and permissions. A Team Name is chosen by the Team Owner when setting up a new Team.

You may find the Team Name in the email invitation to the Team or you can ask your Team Admin.

How to reset my password?

Passwords can be reset via the Forgot Password? link directly on the login page.

How do I reset my MFA?

To reset your Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), ask your Team Admin or contact our technical support.

Team Admin can reset user's MFA in Control Panel > Members > Edit button of the Member. This action is not performed immediately but requires the user to take action upon receiving an email and precisely navigate to setting up a new MFA; the old MFA is invalidated after the new one is set up.

Where do I get the OpenVPN Configuration file and credentials / CA Certificate / Setup files?

Team Owner or Admin can download the OpenVPN configuration file and credentials / CA Certificate / Setup Files in Control Panel > Members > Edit button of the Member. They also have the option to send the OpenVPN configuration file and credentials via email directly to the Member.

How do I invite a Control Panel Admin?

You can invite Admins and other roles in your Control Panel > Settings > Admins & Roles.

Is the IP address static and dedicated only to me?

Yes, we provide a public Static IP (IPv4) address which is dedicated only to your Team for the whole duration of your prepaid service.

Do I need any hardware (HW)?

GoodAccess is designed to be a hassle-free solution for secure remote access, and it does not require any hardware investments or maintenance, making it a cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes.

For more details please visit our Architecture overview.

How can I make my server accessible via the GoodAccess static IP?

Connect your server to GoodAccess as client and enable Port Forwarding on the Gateway to forward traffic to the server. This makes your server accessible via the GoodAccess static IP address and the port.

How to connect via RDP using GoodAccess?

You may connect to RDP using either a GoodAccess private or public IP address of the Gateway. We recommend using a private IP for higher security.

You may also add RDP into your Systems to ease access for your Members with a shortcut in GoodAccess Client Application.

GoodAccess private IP address:

  • Each Team Member is assigned with a unique private IP address while connected to GoodAccess. All Members share same virtual LAN when connected to the same Gateway.

  • Team Owner or Admin can display the private IP address of each Member in Control Panel > Members > Edit button of the Member.

  • Connected Members can use the private IP addresses to access another connected Member's device using RDP or other local tools.

GoodAccess public IP address:

  • Enable Port Forwarding on the Gateway to forward traffic to your Member. This makes your Member's device accessible via GoodAccess static IP address and the port.

What VPN protocols do you support?

We currently support OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols.

We are also working on implementing the WireGuard protocol which will be available during 2024.

How many devices can connect under one account?

One account can be connected with one desktop device and one portable device at the same time.

Connecting with two PCs or mobile devices at the same time will cause the devices to disconnect each other repeatedly.

My operating system (OS) is not supported. How can I connect?

You may also connect to GoodAccess Gateway on any device supporting an OpenVPN Client function with the use of manual configuration.

Your OpenVPN Configuration file and credentials / CA Certificate / Setup files can be used for example by:

If you need any help with the setup, please contact our technical support.

How do I remove or change the location of the Gateway?

You may remove or change the location of your Gateway in Control Panel > Network > Gateways > Edit button of the Gateway.

Please note you may only change the location of your Gateway five times per month.

You can find a list of all available locations under this link.

Do you support Port Forwarding?

Yes we do. For more information please visit our Port Forwarding guide.

Can I set up a rDNS/PTR record?

Yes, a reverse DNS (PTR) record can be set up for your Static IP. Please contact our technical support.

Does it work with IPv6?

We do support the IPv6 protocol; however, we do not provide dedicated IPv6 addresses. You will get a real dedicated (static) IPv4 address.

Do you keep logs?

We do keep some logs for security and troubleshooting purposes, but the logs are only kept for a limited period.

The logs that we keep include connection logs, which record when a member connects or disconnects from the VPN service, and session logs, which record the user's IP address, device type, and the amount of data transferred during the session. These logs are used for troubleshooting issues with the service, ensuring the service's performance, and detecting and preventing unauthorized access.

However, we have a strict privacy policy and do not collect or store any personal information, browsing history, or user activity logs. GoodAccess does not sell or share any user data with third parties.

You can benefit from this feature as it ensures compliance with GDPR.

For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Do you have a high-availability solution?

Yes, we offer a high-availability solution for our customers in the form of a backup Gateway.

A single Gateway should be sufficient for most users. However, if you require 100% uptime (an enterprise high availability solution), we recommend using another geographically separated Gateway as a backup in the event of network maintenance or unpredictable network outages.

Choosing a Gateway closer to your Team is also useful to ensure better network latency.

Do you have a bug bounty hunter program?

Yes, we do have a bug bounty hunter program. You can send your findings to where our specialists will evaluate the severity of the bug and reward you accordingly with gift cards.

Do you offer residential IPs?

No, we do not. We provide commercial IP addresses from datacenters.

What is SCIM?

SCIM, or System for Cross-domain Identity Management, is an open standard that enables the automation of user provisioning.

Simply put, if you use a third-party identity provider with SCIM enabled, any action affecting users (add, edit, delete) is automatically synchronized with GoodAccess Members. It allows you to manage all user provisioning on the third-party identity provider side.

What is a Persistent connection?

Persistent connection allows you to connect a Windows device to the GoodAccess Gateway without dependency on the current Windows User. It means that the device will stay connected even though you are logged out from your Windows account. This is essential in cases like connecting an RDP Server/System as a Member to the GoodAccess Gateway. This feature is available on Windows only.

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