This guide will show you how to connect your AWS cloud to the GoodAccess Gateway via a site-to-site connection using the IPSec protocol.

Step 1 - Creating a new cloud connection

Log in to the GoodAccess Control Panel, and go to Network > Clouds & Branches.

Click + Add new, enter the Cloud name and subnet, and select Gateway.

Choose IPSec Protocol, fill out the Settings configuration form, and click Save.

You may return to the configuration via the Edit button of your Cloud at any time.

Example of configuration (Default preset):

  • Cloud/Branch subnet - Subnet of your AWS VPC network

  • Shared Secret - Create a new strong password

  • Public IP - IP of your AWS virtual private gateway

  • IKE Lifetime (Phase 1) - 8 hours (28800 seconds)

  • Tunnel Lifetime (Phase 2) - 1 hour (3600 seconds)

  • Dead Peer Detection Delay - 30 seconds

  • Encryption (Phase 1) - aes256

  • Encryption (Phase 2) - aes256

  • Integrity (Phase 1) - sha256

  • Integrity (Phase 2) - sha256

  • Diffie-Hellman Groups (Phase 1) - 16 - modp4096

  • Diffie-Hellman Groups (Phase 2) - 16 - modp4096

Step 2 - Opening the VPC service

Log in to AWS, and go to Services > VPC (you can use the searchbar).

Step 3 - Creating a new customer gateway

Go to Virtual Private Network (VPN) > Customer Gateways and click Create customer gateway.

Give the customer gateway a name and set the configuration as follows:

  • BGP ASN - 65000

  • IP address - IP of your GoodAccess Gateway

Click Create customer gateway to confirm your settings.

Step 4 - Creating a new virtual private gateway

If you already have a virtual private gateway attached to your VPC, skip this section and continue with Step 5 - Creating a new VPN connection.

Go to Virtual Private Network (VPN) > Virtual Private Gateways and click Create virtual private gateway.

Give the virtual private gateway a name, and choose Amazon default ASN.

Click Create virtual private gateway to confirm your settings.

Select the newly created virtual private gateway and click Attach to VPC.

Step 5 - Creating a new VPN connection

Go to Virtual Private Network (VPN) > Site-to-Site VPN Connections and click Create VPN connection.

Give the VPN connection a name and set the configuration as follows:

  • Target gateway type - Virtual private gateway

  • Customer gateway - Existing

  • Routing options - Static

Open Tunnel 1 options:

  • Pre-Shared key for Tunnel 1 - Shared Secret (Step 1)

  • Select Edit tunnel 1 options

  • Phase I & II - Must match configuration from GoodAccess (Step 1)

Click Create VPN connection to confirm your settings.

Step 6 - Adding new routes

Go to Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) > Route Tables. Click Edit routes and Add the following routes:



Subnet of VPC

Local (default)

Local Gateway (default)

Subnet of your GoodAccess Gateway

Don't forget to Save changes.

You have now successfully connected your AWS cloud to GoodAccess.

You may check the status of the connection in:

  • GoodAccess - Control Panel > Clouds & Branches > Edit button > Test connection

  • AWS - Virtual Private Network (VPN) > Site-to-Site VPN Connections

The configuration shows two tunnels created for the same VPN connection to AWS. We recommend using the first one.

If you have a second gateway and want backup, you can use the second tunnel for a high availability solution.

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