This guide will show you how to connect your MikroTik device to the GoodAccess Gateway via a site-to-site connection using the IPsec protocol.

Connecting MikroTik with IKEv2

  • Does not require on-premise public static IP

  • IKEv2 configuration allows you to use MikroTik as the main router (which is connected to internet) or place it locally in your LAN behind the main router

Step 1 - Creating a new branch connection

Log in to the GoodAccess Control Panel, and go to Network > Clouds & Branches.

Click + Add new, enter the Branch name and subnet, and select Gateway.

Choose IKEv2 Protocol, and click Save.

Click the Edit button of your Branch, and navigate to the Configuration Guide.

Save your Credentials and Download setup files.

You may return to the configuration via the Edit button of your Branch at any time.

Step 2 - Uploading the script and setup files

Download a script for MikroTik:

Log in to your MikroTik device, and go to Files.

Upload the script and setup files from Step 1 (extract the files first).

Step 3 - Setting up a site-to-site connection

Please note: Deploying the script on a already configured device could disrupt your existing setup. Please review the script thoroughly and ensure compatibility with your current configuration before deployment.

Go to Terminal and run the following script:

/import ga-setup-branch.rsc

Enter the credentials from GoodAccess (Step 1):

  • VPN username

  • VPN password

  • Gateway address

  • Gateway subnet

  • What is your local network - Cloud/Branch subnet

  • What is CA certificate name - Name of the CA Certificate file stored in your MikroTik files

Connection is established when the message "Script file loaded and executed successfully" appears.

You have now successfully connected your device to GoodAccess.

You may check the status of the connection in:

  • GoodAccess - Control Panel > Clouds & Branches > Edit button > Test connection

  • MikroTik - IP > IPSec > Policies and Active Peers

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