This guide will show you how to whitelist your GoodAccess IP address in AWS VPC.

Step 1

In AWS go to Network & Security > Security Groups > Create security group.

Step 2

Name the Security group, select the appropriate VPC, and fill out the Inbound rules section with the information provided below. Finally, click Create security group.

  • Type - All traffic

  • Source - Custom - GoodAccess Gateway IP/32 (example:

Please note: If you are using VPC peering, you can later update the rules for your VPC security groups to reference security groups in the peered VPC. In case you are using a Transit Gateway, note that spoke Amazon VPCs cannot reference security groups in other spokes connected to the same AWS Transit Gateway.

Step 3

Attach resources to the security group

  • Return to the EC2 dashboard, go to Instances > Instances

  • Select the instance you would like to apply the Security Group to (Actions > Networking > Change Security Groups)

  • Select the newly created security group and Assign security group

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