DNS Management

Manage custom DNS records for your Team.

You may set up DNS Management in Control Panel > Settings > Threat Blocker & DNS.

DNS Servers

This feature is available in the Essential plan and higher.

You may choose DNS servers your Team will use when connected to the GoodAccess Gateway.

  • GoodAccess DNS servers (by default)

  • Custom DNS servers

  • Public DNS servers (Google)

Please note: Disabling or using Custom/Public DNS servers also disables Threat Blocker, Custom Domain Blocking, and Custom Domain Names for your Systems.

Custom Domain Names for your Systems

This feature is available in the Premium plan and higher.

Set up custom private DNS records for your Systems. You can configure custom addresses for Systems on your LAN or assign names to Systems with custom IP addresses.

To set up custom private DNS records, click the (+) Add custom domain button.

Don't forget to Save changes.

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