Zero Trust Access Control

With Zero Trust Access Control you can easily specify access privileges to your Systems.
This feature is available in the Premium plan and higher.
Zero Trust Access Control is an essential part of ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access).
GoodAccess features an intuitive mechanism of configuring the network firewall by creating Access Cards.
Access Cards define which members can access which Systems. For example, you can create an Access Card that corresponds to a particular role, e.g. Salesperson, attach systems that Salespeople use, and assign the Access Card to all Salespeople in your company.
By default, Zero Trust Access Control is disabled and all Members have access to all defined Systems.
To enable Zero Trust Access Control, you must create at least one Access Card. No Member will then be able to access any Systems unless they have an Access Card that authorizes them to do so.

Configuration guide:

Step 1

Step 2

Click on the Add Access Card button to create your first Access Card and give it a name (e.g. Developers, Marketing, Sales, etc.).

Step 3

Use the Edit button on an Access Card to assign it to Members, add Systems or whole Clouds or Branches to create an Access Control rule -- who can access what.
Click Save to save changes and apply the rule. The rule will automatically apply to all your active gateways.