Teltonika - OpenVPN

Step 1

Get your VPN credentials, VPN Setup files, CA Certificate and Hostname of your Gateway.
How to get the VPN Credentials, VPN Setup files, CA Certificate and Hostname:
  • Ask your GoodAccess admin to provide you with your credentials and the VPN Setup files.
  • Or become a GoodAccess admin by activating your own team.

Step 2

Open the administration GUI in a web browser (i.e. Firefox, Safari, etc.).
The default IP address of the RUT240 is and the login is "admin" with password admin01 (unless you have changed these to something else).

Step 3

Under Services, choose VPN.

Step 4

On the OpenVPN tab click Add new.

Step 5

Continue with Edit.

Step 6

Be sure that the configuration details are the same as on the screenshot below.
Upload all the necessary files from the VPN Setup files and type in the VPN credentials.
  • HMAC authentication key - ovpn-key.key
  • Certificate authority - ca.crt
  • Client certificate - user-cert
  • Client key - user-key.key
Don't forget to Save!

Step 7

Don't forget to enable the connection.
The VPN config is now complete! Now you are connected to GoodAccess and can securely access your protected systems.