Asus - OpenVPN

Step 1

Get your VPN credentials and OpenVPN config file.
How to get the VPN Credentials and the OpenVPN config file:
  • Ask your GoodAccess admin to provide you with your VPN credentials and the OpenVPN config file.
  • Or become a GoodAccess admin by activating your own team.

Step 2

Open the OpenVPN config file in Notepad and edit the tenth row as follows:
  • Delete "" (red marked text),
  • Add "-prefix" at the end of the line (green market text).

Step 3

Open the Asus web GUI and go to VPN -> VPN clients -> Add profile.

Step 4

Enter your VPN Credentials:
  • Name of the connection
  • VPN username
  • VPN Password
Import your OVPN config file and click on UPLOAD.
Continue by clicking OK.

Step 5

Click on Activate.

Step 6

Wait a few seconds until a blue checkmark appears.

Step 7

Congratulations! Now you are connected to GoodAccess and can securely access your protected systems.
Last modified 10mo ago