3. Download App & Connect

Now let's download the GoodAccess Client Application (the Agent) and test the connection to your dedicated GoodAccess Gateway.

The GoodAccess Client Application (i.e. Agent) enables access to Systems (servers, applications, resources) running within your secure Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP).

The Agent is essentially a connector to your GoodAccess dedicated Gateway. You received a Gateway in the previous step by signing up for the free trial.

Download & Install

Supported operating systems:

  • Windows 8.1 / 10 / 11

  • macOS 12 Monterey / 13 Ventura

  • iOS 15.0+

  • Android 7.1+

  • ChromeOS

  • Linux

Download and install the GoodAccess Client Application.


The Client Application (the Agent) supports two kinds of authentication:

  • GoodAccess identity

  • Third-party identity provider's SSO (Google Workspace, Okta, Azure AD, and more)

GoodAccess Identity

Logging in with the GoodAccess identity requires entering your GoodAccess Login Credentials:

  • Team Name

  • Username

  • Password

How to get GoodAccess Login Credentials?

  • Each team Member gets their own GoodAccess Login Credentials after they complete their invitation request.

Third-party identity provider's SSO

Logging in with a third-party identity provider requires the administrator to configure single sign-on in the Control Panel.

Test connection

After successful login, click on the connect button and test the connection. Your public IP address should be the same as the IP address of your dedicated GoodAccess Gateway.

If you are experiencing any connection problems:

Not sure about the next step?

Get in touch with our Solution Architect who can help you to implement GoodAccess for your specific use case in minutes. This service is completely free.

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