Is my static IP address really unique to my team?

Yes! A GoodAccess Gateway with a static IP (IPv4) address belongs only to your team and is not shared by any other customers.

How does the Free Trial work? Are there any restrictions?

We offer an unlimited 14-day full-featured free trial!
That means you can test all our premium product features.
An upgrade from the trial to the paid version doesn't affect your configuration. You can continue to use the GoodAccess without any change.
Request your own 14-day Free Trial.

What protocols do you support?

We support the following VPN protocols:
  • OpenVPN
  • IKEv2 (IKEv1 is possible too, contact us for more details)
  • IPSec
Wireguard is coming soon.

Can we configure port forwarding?

Yes, you can.
You can forward all incoming traffic that goes to your GoodAccess Gateway's IP to any of your team member's devices in the GoodAccess Control Panel -> Gateways → "Show" on the right side of the screen.

Can I see who is connected?

Yes, you can.
Go to the GoodAccess Control Panel -> Access Logs.

Do you keep logs?

We do not monitor, record or store logs of online activity of the connected users. However, we store the following connectivity logs:
  • Timestamp
  • Duration
  • Bandwidth
  • Source IP
  • Gateway
This feature ensures compliance with GDPR. For more information, please, see our Terms of service.

Is a backup gateway necessary?

A single gateway should be sufficient for most users. However, if you require 100% uptime (high availability), we recommend using another geographically separated gateway as a backup in the event of network maintenance, ISP network outages, and other unpredictable network issues that may occur.
More local gateways are also useful to ensure better network latency so that your regional teams can use the nearest gateway to connect to your business systems.

Do you limit bandwidth?

No. There isn't any bandwidth limitation.