Port forwarding

This article will guide you, how to setup port forwarding on your gateway in order to forward specific incoming traffic to an internal private IP of your Team Member or Device.

Step 1

  • Login to GoodAccess control panel at
  • Go to Gateways section and select Gateway, which you want to use for port forwarding by clicking "Show" button
  • To apply new port port forwarding rule, click on "Plus" icon below popup window

Step 2

Create the port forwarding rule.
  • Team Member: Select Member or Device you want to forward incoming traffic to
  • Service Name: Name new port forwarding rule
  • Public Port / Range: Enter public port number or range
  • Local Port / Range: Enter local port number or range
  • Protocol: Select TCP or UDP protocol
  • Confirm the setup with "Add" button
In case you want to create rule for both protocols using same port number, you need to create separate rule for each protocol.

Step 3

After confirming the configuration, you will see the active port forwarding rules on the Gateway when click at "show" button