Step 1

  • Open your own WordPress (f.e. https://wp.accessgood.test/)
  • Get into administration - add /wp-login.php to the URL (f.e. https://wp.accessgood.test/wp-login.php) and login.

Step 2

  • In Left Menu choose Plugins
  • In Plugins click Add new

Step 3

  • On the right side, search for Secure Admin IP and click Install now

Step 4

  • Go back to Plugins and click Activate

Step 5

  • In Left Menu choose Settings > Secure Admin IP

Step 6

  • Insert Your GoodAccess IP into Whitelisted IP addresses column and click Save
Congratulations! From now your WordPress Admin page will be protected and accessible only by your team connected through the GoodAccess Client App.
Last modified 5mo ago