Step 1

The configuration steps vary depending on your Salesforce license:
  • For Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, or Developer Edition - go to Setup, search for "Profiles" using the Quick Find box, navigate to Profiles, and select the respective profile for which you want to apply the restrictions.
  • For Group or Personal Edition - go to Setup, search for "Session Settings" using the Quick Find box, navigate to Session Settings.
  • For Professional Edition - the location of IP Range configuration depends on whether you have the "Edit Profiles & Page Layouts" org preference enabled (add-on feature).
    • If this feature is enabled, IP Ranges are located in individual profiles.
    • If this feature is disabled, IP Ranges are available on the Session Settings page.

Step 2

Click on New in the Login IP Ranges list.

Step 3

Enter your GoodAccess Gateway's Dedicated IP into both, IP Start Address and IP End Address fields.

Step 4

Click on Save.

Step 5

Congratulations! Your SalesForce CRM is now protected from unauthorized access.
Last modified 1yr ago