Creating an .htaccess file
The objective is to connect to the admin folder on your server and to restrict access to your admin panel to specified IP addresses only.
Connect to the server the host your site files using an FTP client of your choice (like FileZilla). You will need your site's FTP credentials in order to connect. If you are not sure how to find them, refer to your hosting provider.
Once connected, navigate to your admin folder and create a new file with the name ".htaccess". If such a file exists already, open it for editing. Paste the following parameters to this .htaccess file. Replace "" with your GoodAccess Gateway IP address. You can allow more IP addresses by adding multiple "Allow from" lines with the other IPs. 1
Order deny,allow
Deny from al
Allow from
Then save, and upload the file.


To test the new configuration, connect with the GoodAccess Client App, open your web browser and navigate to your OpenCart admin panel. The page should be accessible with no errors. Now go back to Step 2 and change the allowed IP address to a random one. Upon opening the OpenCart admin panel, the access should be denied. You have successfully tested the access control. Well done! Don't forget to revert the "Allow from" back to your IP.
Last modified 1yr ago