Azure (Office 365)

Step 1

Get your Gateway IP address.
How to get the Gateway IP address?
  • Ask your GoodAccess admin to provide you with the Gateway IP address.
  • Or become a GoodAccess admin by activating your own team.

Step 2

Sign into your Azure account and continue to Conditional access -> Named locations -> IP range location -> Set name of your Gateway + Gateway IP /32 (f.e.:

Step 3

Mark your location as „Trusted location“ and continue with „Create“.

Step 4

The new location should now be listed.

Step 5

Open „Policies“ and click on „New Policy“.

Step 6

Choose your New location in the search bar on the left panel and specify who will have access.

Step 7

Go back to „Home“ -> Conditional Access and open „Clouds apps or actions“. Here you can set access restrictions for all apps including Office 365.

Step 8

Open Conditions (policy) -> Locations -> Switch Configure to ON and choose Any location in "Include" section.
Then switch from "Include" to "Exclude". In "Exclude" section continue with Selected locations and choose the one you've created.

Step 9

Continue to Grant and choose Block access and confirm with Select.
Don't forget to Enable policy before you save the configuration.
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