Step 1

Go to Clouds & Branches and add a new Branch Connector.

Step 2

Save these details for next configuration of Cisco.

Step 3

Go to Cisco and create IP Sec profile
  • Profil name - it is up to you
  • Keying mode - Auto
  • IKE Version - IKEv2
  • Rest of configuration is the same like configuration in previous step

Step 4

Go to VPN -> Site-To-Site
  • Connection name - it is up to you
  • IPsec Profile - your created profil for VPN
  • Remote Endpoint - Static IP + IP of your GoodAccess Gateway
Local Group Setup
  • Local Identifier Type - Local WAN IP
  • Local Identifier - your public IP (It should be populated automatically)
  • Local IP Type - Subnet
  • IP Address - IP of your network
  • Subnet Mask - your Subnet Mask
Remote Group Setup
  • Remote Identifier Type - Remote WAN IP
  • Remote Identifier - IP of your GoodAccess Gateway
  • Remote IP Type - Subnet
  • IP Address - subnet of GoodAccess Gateway (check second screen below)
  • Subnet Mask -

Step 5

Now is necessary to define your local network systems (routers, servers etc.) devices in "Systems"

Optional step

Switch to Advanced Setup and enable DPD.
Click on Red floppy disk to get to Configuration Management and click on Apply.
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