File sharing via RDP

Step 1

Connect to your server using Remote Desktop Connection.

Start Remote Desktop Connection (Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> Remote Desktop Connection). You can also open this application by running the application mstsc.exe from the run prompt.
Enter your server IP address along with the port. Now, before you click on the Connect button, click on the Show Options button on the bottom left of the window.

Step 2

Open Local Resources option

Click on the Options drop-down and then select the Local Resource tab. At the Local Resources tab, click on the More button.

Step 4

Select the drive/folders.

You can now select the local drives you would like to share with your Remote server. Click on the checkbox to select the drive and click OK to continue. Now, click on Connect to establish a connection with your server.

Step 5

Explore My Computer to view your connected drive

Once you are connected to your server, you can see the selected drives under Devices and Drives under This PC on your server. You can drag-and-drop files from the attached drives to your remote server.