This article describes the process you'll need to follow in order to whitelist the IP addresses of your GoodAccess private gateway on the AWS Management Console

Step 1

Open AWS Management -> Network & Security -> Security Groups -> Create security group

Step 2

    Security group name - it is up to you
    VPC - Select the appropriate VPC (if you are using VPC peering, you can later update the rules for your VPC security groups to reference security groups in the peered VPC. In case you are using a Transit Gateway, note that spoke Amazon VPCs cannot reference security groups in other spokes connected to the same AWS Transit Gateway)
    Add an inbound rule with the following information
      Type - All traffic
      Protocol - All
      Port range - All
      Source - Custom - Enter the IP of your GoodAccess Gateway
      Create :)

Step 3

Attach resources to the security group

    Return to the EC2 dashboard
    Select the Instances tab within the Instances section
    Select the instance you would like to apply the Security Group to (select Actions /Networking /Change Security Groups)
    Select the newly created security group, then select Assign security group
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