Step 1

Go to Clouds & Branches and add a new Branch Connector.

Step 2

Enter all required details
  • Name - choose your own name (e.g. London Office)
  • Type - Branch
  • Subnet - Private subnet of your Branch LAN behind the MikroTik (e.g.
  • Gateway - choose one of your Gateways you want to connect to.
  • Protocol - IKEv2

Step 3

You will receive all necessary details (2) and files (3) for configuration of your MikroTik.
Keep this window opened until you make sure that your MikroTik is connected to GoodAccess.
Be Advised ! For security reason, password cannot be re-displayed after closing this window. If you lose your password, you can generate a new one. We highly recommend that you save it in a secure password manager.

Step 4

Upload following files to MikroTik's Files:
  • Setup files (extract files before upload) from previous. (Ca.crt, user-key.key, user-cert.crt)
  • Download and upload this SCRIPT​ to MikroTik's Files.
  • Download and upload script to MikroTik's file

Step 5

Open Mikrotik Terminal and run the following script:
/import ga-setup-branch.rsc

Step 6

Provide all requested details:
  • Username - VPN username (Step 3)
  • Password - VPN password (Step 3)
  • Gateway address - Hostname of your GoodAccess Gateway (Step 3)
  • Gateway subnet - GoodAccess Gateway subnet (Step 3)
  • Your local network - Private subnet of the Branch LAN behind the MikroTik.
  • What is CA certificate name - Name of the CA Certificate file stored in your MikroTik files (Step 3)

Step 7

You should get "Script file loaded and executed successfully".
Check the connection in IP -> IPsec -> Policies and Active Peers

Step 8

You can check connection in window from Step 4 or via Action button in Clouds and Branches.

Step 9

Is necessary to define your Devices in Systems, follow this guide.