macOS - Native IKEv2

Step 1

Get your VPN credentials and OpenVPN configuration file.

How to get the VPN Credentials and the OpenVPN Configuration file?

  • Ask your GoodAccess admin to provide you with your VPN credentials and the OpenVPN config file.

  • Or become a GoodAccess admin by activating your own team.

Step 2

Find the respective certificate in Keychain (search for „GA“).

In Keychain, open the CA file or use right-click -> „Get info“, choose „Always trust“ and apply changes.

‍Confirm this change by closing this window and refresh to see the certificate now with a blue mark.

Step 3

Open System Preferences, go to Network and Add new connection.


  • interface =VPN

  • VPN type =IKEv2

  • choose a name for your new connection


Step 4

Add your Gateway address (hostname) to Server Address and Remote ID. You can find the hostname in the GoodAccess Web Control Panel -> Gateway.

Step 5

Open Authentication settings and enter your VPN credentials.

Step 6

Apply changes before clicking on the Connect button.

Step 7

Congratulations! Now you are connected to GoodAccess and can securely access your protected systems.